Best 4000 Smart Practice Questions for Banking English Language Paperback – 2 January 2022

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About The BooK AboutBest 4000 Smart Practice Questions Book marks 7 years of Testbook as the fastest growing platform in Education-Technology or Ed-Tech. This book is an effort to reform the conventional style of solving practice questions, where students usually focuses on quantity of questions solved, than evaluating and improving their performance. This book contains Best 4000 Question selected from a pool of more than 1 Lakh question bank. Question selection is based on user’s attempt & performance data on each question. Testbook’s Data Science Team has extracted and processed tons of data points like speed of answering, maximum time taken to answer, accuracy trend on each question, toppers & average student’s performances, etc. from the students’ responses on each question. They have then drawn amazing comparative insights for you. Smart Practice questions will reform your approach of paper solving by emphasising on key details related to problem solving. This is a difference between solving 40,000 questions one after the other, not knowing if you are headed in the right direction and solving 4000 questions , where every question: is unique and covers the subject in a precise manner has been created by experts to teach you all the possible concepts carries time limit (Time to Answer) to speed you up! Key Features Check question-wise difficulty level and percentage of students who attempted it correctly or skipped it (and this is 100% accurate information!). After checking the smart answer key you can also see the solutions at the end of every chapter. Contents 1. Reading Comprehension 2. Para Jumbles 3. Error Spotting 4. Phrase Replacement 5. Fill in the Blanks 6. Match the Following 7. Vocab Based Questions 8. Sentence Jumbles Level I Level II Level III Smart Answer Key Solutions


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