The Best Approach to Precis Writing Paperback – 1 January 2016

Précis is a summary or a condensed composition of bare facts. Précis denotes a brief, concise, clear and a well connected abstract, summary or gist of a given passage.

This book contains the way to learn the art of writing an elegant ‘Précis’. The book contains 60 Solved Examples of Précis Writing over various general topics. Also ‘One Word Substitutions’ have been given which will help in shortening the original passage up to number of words. Also 22 Unsolved Preccis have also been given at the end of the book for practice. The book contains steps to write an effective précis and also the points to be kept in mind while writing a précis.

This book will be highly useful for IAS (Mains), IFS (Mains), IAS (Mains), CAPF (AC), CISF (AC), SSC (CGL-Tier III) and various other competitive and recruitment examinations.


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